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Tree Cutting

A dead tree might not “look” like a danger to your property. A certified arborist can help you decide if it’s time to remove your tree or if there’s a chance your prized plant can be saved.

Removing a tree on your own can be very dangerous, especially if you need to climb a ladder with cumbersome tools to remove bulky branches. Our team is the best Tree Cutting service provider in Los Angeles, CA, call our specialists and get a free estimate on your next tree cutting service.

Tree Removal

A tree removal service needs to be done by an experienced and reliable tree service company. For a SAFE and high-quality tree removal, contact Oasis Tree Services.

We have many years of experience in the tree removal industry so you can have the peace of mind that it will be done with the safest high-quality standard procedures. Contact Oasis Tree Services today to get a free estimate.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

In order for trees to be healthy and the space to be danger-free it is always good to do maintenance for your trees. Trimming and pruning not only help with curb appeal but they also make it a safer area because it will reduce the chances of a branch breaking and falling into your car or infrastructure.

Contact our team today to get your trees a high-quality trimming and pruning service.

Tree Height Reduction

Trees are an integral part of your outdoor landscape. Professional tree height reduction can help preserve your exceptional view and nearby structures. Oasis Tree Services guides you through your options when you are deciding between possible tree removal or tree height reduction.

Los Angeles, CA property owners trust our family-run business to provide expert advice on all possible options for protecting your property.

Palm Removal

Palm trees are iconic to Los Angeles—however, maintaining their beauty can be costly and time-consuming for homeowners and businesses alike. If you’re tired of the labor-intensive maintenance required for palm trees—or if the tree is unhealthy—you might be considering having them removed.

Oasis Tree Services can remove and dispose of any palm trees on your property. Our expert tree removal team has more than 30 years’ experience and can often complete the task at hand in a single appointment.

Living in Southern California comes with the luxury of having beautiful palm trees around you. However, when a palm tree is damaged or unhealthy, it can become a danger to those below it, not to mention a fire hazard, especially if it’s next to power lines.

You can therefore rely on a professional palm tree cutter to get rid of dead fronds or remove a palm when necessary, while applying the appropriate safety measures to protect you and your property. Applying the proper tools and expertise, we can remove palm trees without harming your property or creating hazards for anyone nearby.

Corrective Pruning

Trees and shrubs are beautiful additions to any home, but far too many homeowners don’t realize that having a tree or large shrub requires routine maintenance.

Thinning a tree or large shrub allows light to penetrate the plant effectively—leading to a healthier plant and more flowers the following season. For trees, corrective pruning can be even more critical.

Pruning trees can help support tree growth and help prevent possible insect and disease issues.

By getting a professional to assess and advise corrective pruning services, you can create a beautiful landscape that can help minimize potential hazards to your home or property.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed, the tree stump may still be buried in ground away from sight.

If the stump is not removed in time, it may be sitting there rotting and can easily become home for termites, ants and other pests. It can also come in the way of your paving and landscaping plans.

At Oasis Tree Services we ensure that the stump is completely removed with the roots.

We ensure that the stump will not regrow and be suitable for landscaping and or be a part of a playground for young children.

Wood Fence

Wood Fences are very appealing in any setting whether it be residential or commercial. When properly installed wooden fences can be that extra touch that your property needs to truly enhance its look.

We offer many different wooden fence solutions including privacy fence, good neighbor fence, back yard enclosures, farm railing and more.

We have been building fences for many years now and that kind of experience is accompanied by expert knowledge and high-level craftsmanship.

You don’t have to settle for a simple wooden fence anymore. We want to hear your idea and work with you to craft a truly unique enclosure that matches your property and personal taste.

General Cleanup

As a new homeowner or someone who has lived in your home for many years, you want some help getting your yard looking its best.

Oasis Tree Services can help you get your lawn and landscape back into shape, spring yard clean up isn’t just to make your curb appeal tidy.

Indeed, it’s also to keep your lawn grass and landscapes healthy by removing debris that could cause disease or give rodents a place to hide.

In Oasis Tree Services we can get your residential property looking well-kept again. Call our team today and get a free estimate in your next cleaning up project!